Maharashtra issues SOP for sportspersons

Maharashtra government has decided to allow sportspersons to start daily practices and issued a Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP) to be followed while doing the same.

It has divided sports into four categories — no contact game, minimal or medium contact game, full contact game, and water sports. For no contact games such as cycling, archery, shooting etc, the government has asked to follow routine SOP, for minimal contact games such as football, hockey, cricket etc, teams have been allowed to assemble only for practice while following SOP. For full contact games such as wrestling, karate, boxing etc, the government has allowed trainers to come close to the players for practice, stated a letter issued by the state school education and sports department dated December 16.

In addition, for team sports, it has allowed only 10-15 players to assemble for practice at one point of time.

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