Karma sena to be armed with farm implements

Karshika Karma Sena, the agricultural task force in the district, is all set for a major leap. Nearly a year into its formation, the 22-member team will be now armed with an array of farm implements making their days more productive and helping them to spread organic farms across Kollam.

Minister for Agriculture V.S. Sunil Kumar will inaugurate the distribution of the farm tools here on Monday.

Labour scarcity

Formed by the Agriculture Department to address the scarcity of labour in the sector, the workforce now has a lot of patrons in the district.

“Since the technicians offer a number of services and charge according to hours, they have an increasing clientèle. They will help you cultivate vegetables in your backyard, pluck coconuts, weed your farm, spray pesticides and put manure. They are also trained to handle all the modern agricultural implements and they will now be provided tractors, power tillers, and climbers,” says D. Shaji, Assistant Agricultural Officer.

Homes, schools, government offices and other institutions have been approaching the task force for various services connected to organic farming.

Paddy farming

“Recently we helped the Sree Narayana College students to start paddy cultivation on their campus. All our technicians have uniform and wear identity cards. Our rates are very reasonable and it is expected to go down more as they will be using farm machinery from now. Payment is always through office and people in need of the workforce can always get in touch with the Krishi Bhavan,” he says.

The technicians in the team have been getting steady job so far, “we are getting great support from the corporation authorities, including the Mayor and development standing committee chairman. We are also planning to bring more people on board to meet the growing demand.”


Karshika Karma Sena is also into the production of organic manure from bio-waste using aerobic composting. “We focus on organic framing and stay off all chemical stuff. Venad, our organic manure, will also be released on Monday,” he adds.

V.S. Sunil Kumar to inaugurate distribution of farm tools today

Members trained to handle all modern agricultural implements

Venad organic manure

to be released

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