Jaipur to have WIPO support centre

Stating that India could occupy a prominent place in patenting, a senior official of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on Thursday said it would soon open a TISC in Jaipur to train people on accessing the patent database.

WIPO Global Infrastructure Sector’s Innovation and Technology Support Section head Andrew Czajkowski told
The Hindu
that Technology Innovation Support Centres (TISCs), that teach startups, MSMES, research institutes and universities patent analytics, IP asset management and R&D operated in Visakhapatnam, Chandigarh and Chennai in association with the Centre for Intellectual Property and Management (CIPAM) of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion.

Stating that WIPO had a 24×7 database, Mr. Czajkowski said that before filing patent claims you should thoroughly peruse the database to avoid litigation and compensation claims.

“Patent knowledge cannot be procured through an Internet search. It has to be acquired by accessing the database and a thorough research,” he remarked.

Mr. Czajkowski said WIPO, through 638 TISCs in 71 countries, was keen on feeding innovators in developing countries with local, high quality technology-related information.

TISCs fill the global knowledge gap and promote economic and social development by providing equal access to information, he said.

‘Government keen’

Mr. Czajkowski claimed that the Indian government was keen on fostering innovation by strengthening the patent database that had over 90 million scientific and technical publications.

WIPO, among the 15 special agencies of the United Nations, was set up in 1967 to protect intellectual property and encourage innovation.

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