iSprout launches its facility at Hi-tec City

iSprout, a leading co-working space, launched its new facility at Hi-tec City, and claimed it would provide 20% of the IT Corridor’s co-working space.

1,800 seating capacity

Spread over one lakh square feet with a seating capacity of 1,800 at Hi-tec City, iSprout has now set its sights on setting up co-working spaces in Chennai, Visakhapatnam and other cities. At the moment, the company has seating capacity of 2,200 in its branches at Kondapur, Hi-tec City and Vijaywada.

According to iSprout CEO Sundari Patibandla, the company provides co-working spaces and helps firms overcome organisational bottlenecks.

She said there was a need for more co-working spaces across the country.

“Amaravati, growing in IT and non-IT services, will be one of the leading seekers. So, we are commencing our expansion with a new office in Vijayawada. We have similar plans to iterate this success story even in Chennai, Vizag and other locations in the future,” Ms. Patibandla said.

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