I&PR revamps empanelment of advertisement agencies

Commissioner of Information and Public Relations Arvind Kumar said that the process of empanelment of advertising agencies is being made more inclusive to encourage creativity and the grading of small newspapers is being revamped.

In a statement issued on Saturday, he said both the decisions would increase competition and transparency, which in turn would help the department in getting best creative works apart from providing an opportunity for Telangana agencies to compete in the advertising field in print and outdoor media.

He said that presentation was taken as criteria for empanelment of print and outdoor agencies earlier and it was subjective, but it has been done away with now. Technical qualifications would be taken as the criteria for empanelment henceforth. So far, advertising agencies were classified as A, B and C categories. After the revamped system there would only be two categories – A and B.

All the agencies empanelled under C category by depositing earnest money deposit of Rs. 2 lakh would be converted into B category, he said. All the agencies in B and C categories who in addition to being accredited with INS have got accreditation with IBF and AAAI were eligible to be upgraded to A category by depositing EMD of Rs. 10 lakh, he noted.

The turnover for empanelment of outdoor agencies was reduced from Rs. 5 crore to Rs. 2 crore and number of hoardings requirement was reduced from 100 to 30 to encourage those from Telangana. Further, it was also decided to issue notification inviting applications from advertising agencies of print and outdoor media who were not empanelled earlier.

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