Industries to be allowed to hold 30 acres of land

The Assembly adopted an amendment that seeks to double the ceiling area for an industrial or commercial undertaking from 15 standard acres to 30 standard acres of dry land (punjai).

Under Section 37-A of the Tamil Nadu Land Reforms (Fixation of Ceiling on Land) Act, 1961, (Tamil Nadu Act 58 of 1961), no industrial or commercial undertaking approved by the government shall be entitled to hold or acquire land in excess of the ceiling area unless permission has been obtained from the government.

The ceiling for an industrial or commercial undertaking was 15 standard acres. Taking into account the importance of preserving ecology, environment and dealing with issues of climate change, and the need to provide green area, waste water treatment, the government felt there was a need to raise this ceiling.

“Industries have to necessarily set up such facilities and provide such area in order to be permitted to operate as per the provision of Acts (Air and Water Acts & Environment Protection Act), Rules and government guidelines thereunder,” R.B. Udhayakumar, Minister for Revenue and Disaster Management, said.

He said it would be in the interest of promoting industry in the State if the ceiling limit was increased and this would be in line with the ease of doing business, “as it would obviate the necessity for such industries to obtain permission on the land owned by them.”

Wet lands

He also said the government seeks to preserve wet lands for agriculture purpose and better utilise dry lands (punjai) to provide greater returns to the people.

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