Govt. spent Rs. 4,000 cr. on ads: Uddhav

Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray said on Wednesday that the Centre splurged over Rs. 4,000 crore only on advertisements of its schemes, and that the government does not have a right over taxpayers’ money.

Mr. Thackeray also favoured simultaneous elections at the Centre and in States but said “one should not think that the whole country will be fooled in one go,” in his interview in the Sena mouthpiece

Mr. Thackeray also anticipated that unemployment would be one of the big issues of the upcoming elections, and that the BJP would again rake up the Ram temple issue. During the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said each Indian would get Rs. 15 lakh when black money would be repatriated from abroad, but Mr. Thackeray said, “People did not get any money, but their hard-earned money is being spent on government advertisements.”

Speaking on the country’s increasing growth rate, Mr. Thackeray asked why it had not led to an increase in people’s income.“Why do dairy farmers have to agitate to demand a hike in procurement prices and why are cultivators in Gujarat writing to the Prime Minister seeking permission to end their lives?” he asked.

Mr. Thackeray, whose party is an ally of the BJP at the Centre and in Maharashtra, also said that the Sena would go solo in all the forthcoming elections.

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