For the love of naturopathy

Here is a retired professor who spent a fortune and is also giving his three decade of toil for a cause. Gajjala Rameshwaram of Kakatiya University has set up his own library — unique and exclusive — of Indian traditional medicine ‘Naturopathy’, here.

Over the years, he had travelled the length and breadth of the country, collecting very rare books and manuscripts on Naturopathy. He now possesses many journals, books and manuscripts including the journals which are defunct. He had written several books and compiled a bibliography of naturopathy books and journals.

A rich treasure

Speaking to
The Hindu
, Dr. Rameshwaram said he took interest in naturopathy while pursuing his Ph.D in Public Administration in the early 1990s. The library has over 2,000 books in Telugu, Urdu, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Gujarati besides many journals and handwritten scripts.

Among the rich treasure he possesses includes a complete handwritten book
How I
by Henry Lindlahr dated 1918, the translation of a German book
by Louis Kuhne dated 1897, periodicals published by the Indian Naturopathic Association, Bezawada, in the 1930s and its reports submitted to then Government of Madras.

Dr. Rameshwaram also possesses a handwritten book on the life and works of Vegiraju Krishna of Prakruthi Ashramam, Bhimavaram (in the present West Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh), dated 1953. “I have been collecting this material for the past 30 years and want to share this treasure with others,” he said.

His collection was digitised in the past and now by setting up this library he intends to help the research scholars and academics take benefit.

After his retirement early this year, he built two rooms above his residence one for library and another for accommodation for scholars who come from far off places. It is located at 24-3-273/31, New Millennium Bank Colony, Prakash Reddy Peta, Hanamkonda. He could be reached on 9885774967 [email protected]

I have been collecting this material for the past 30 years and want to share this treasure with others.

Gajjala Rameshwaram,

Retired professor

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