Explain power-sharing with NC, PDP in Kargil Hill Council, Cong asks BJP

Calling out the BJP’s double standards for sharing power with the PDP and NC in the Kargil Hill Council, Congress leadership in J&K on Wednesday accused the ruling party of vitiating the political atmosphere with “cheapest political tactics”.

JKPCC chief spokesperson Ravinder Sharma said that instead of encouraging and welcoming the participation of all mainstream political forces in the electoral exercise, despite sharp political difference and divergent ideas within our vibrant democracy, the BJP has stooped so low to target its political rivals as anti-national just for electoral gains, which is most unfortunate and against the broader national interests.

BJP should explain its position and should have come out of the coalition government before questioning other parties especially Congress, which is only limited to electoral seat sharing at few places in J&K without being part of the alliance, Sharma said.

He said that the BJP always befools and exploit people for electoral gains while reminding in 2014 elections the saffron party not only mainly campaigned to stop PDP from coming to power and secured mandate from Jammu at this slogan, but later shared power with the same party for almost over three years, betraying the mandate of the people.

Sharma appealed to the people to see through the political opportunism of the BJP and its mastery to hoodwink them during elections.

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