‘Existing GPs neglected by govt.’

Senior TDP leader Revuri Prakash Reddy found fault with the State government’s decision to create new gram panchayats while neglecting the existing panchayats.

Speaking to newsmen here on Friday, he said the existing panchayats lacked enough staff, funds and facilities. “It is nearly 20 months after creation of new districts. Still they do not have enough staff,” he pointed out.

Mr. Prakash Reddy said he welcomed the decision of the State government to increase the number of village panchayats but wanted it to be done in a scientific manner.

“Currently the situation in several villages in Telangana is dismal. It doesn’t have panchayat secretaries. The present employees are not getting salaries or funds for development works such as maintenance, drainages, sanitation and roads,” he said.

The villages are sustaining with the funds received from MNREGS. The Grama Jyothi programme which was launched with promises of allocating special funds for village development failed to bring about any change, Mr. Prakash Reddy observed. He accused the ruling TRS government of diverting the funds released by the Centre.

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