‘DDLJ to Mirzapur’: Uttarakhand police use memes to spread awareness on Covid-19

The Uttarakhand police have been drawing attention on social media platforms with its funny memes based on popular web series and famous scenes from Bollywood movies to spread awareness on Covid-19.

The state police have been putting posts with screen grabs and dialogues of popular scenes from different web series and Bollywood movies while urging people to wear masks and maintain social distance.

In one of the posts shared on its Facebook page, it shared a screengrab from the recently released trailer of popular web series Mirzapur 2, featuring the three famous characters of the web series with masks and a message stating, “Ghar se jab bhi bahar niklen, mask jarur pehnen kyunki- Sabhi ke liye niyam same hai (Always wear a mask when stepping out because rules are same for all).”

The post garnered more than 1,400 likes, 127 comments and about 200 shares. A social media user commented, “Since when did the Uttarakhand Police become this hilarious?”

Another user posted, “Uttarakhand police bhi Mirzapur ki fan hai (Uttarakhand police is also a fan of Mirzapur series).”

Similarly, it also put up another post depicting the famous train scene of Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer ‘Dil Wale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’. In the post, the two actors are seen sporting masks and Kajol putting hand sanitiser on Shah Rukh Khan’s hands.

The post was captioned, “Simran aur Raj ne to Corona se bachav hetu SMS – (S-Sanitisation, M-Mask, S- Social distancing) ka mahatva samajh lia. Aap bhi samajhdar bane aur SMS ka palan Karen (Simran and Raj have understood the importance of SMS, you should become smart and follow SMS as well).

The post put up on Monday attracted about 1,000 likes and 105 shares.

Ashok Kumar, director general (law and order) said, “It is to get the attention of social media users.”

“We are spreading awareness on the virus as per the directions from the Government of India. However, if we would simply post wear masks, hardly anyone will pay attention to it. But by using these memes, we can get the desired attention and convey the message in a funny way,” said Kumar.

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