‘Curtail exorbitant prices in multiplexes’

In the wake of the Maharashtra government allowing outside food in multiplexes, two advocates from the High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad have represented to the Controller, Legal Metrology, Akun Sabharwal, to curtail the exorbitant rates charged for food inside the multiplexes.

The advocates, Umesh Chandra P.V.G. and Somasekhar V., said vendors have authorisation from owners to sell food at outrageously high prices over the maximum retail price (MRP). They said the patrons are not allowed to carry their own food and water inside the theatre and this convention ensures vendors’ monopoly over the price which is against the fundamental covenants of fair trade practices.

A large number of senior citizens, children, diabetic patients and those suffering from other ailments are constant movie-goers and they are compelled to leave their food and other beverages outside the theatre.

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