Couple ‘waylaid’ by drunk men on Pataudi-Gurugram Road

A social media post by a couple who was allegedly waylaid by a group of drunk men near a liquor vend on the Pataudi-Gurugram Road, caught the attention of local residents on Sunday who took to Twitter to demand more security in the area.

The incident happened on the night of July 6 and the post was written on Sunday.

Station House Officer of Sector 10-A, Yashwant Singh, said that he had called one of the victims to the police station after he got to know about the incident through the media.

“But the victim refused to give any complaint,” he said.

“It seems to be a case of road rage. Probably, the couple hit the young men while negotiating a turn near the liquor vend. We have put barricades on the road and increased police deployment,” said Mr. Singh.

The post, written by one of the victims, a logistics manager, read: “They [group of men] were asking me to pay Rs. 2 lakh to release us… My wife started crying. After 5-10 minutes, we understood that we were in the hands of hooligans. At some point, I felt they might rape my wife at any moment. And, in that case, I would be just a spectator.”

The couple was returning home to Vatika India Next, Sector 83, from a birthday party of a friend’s daughter when the alleged incident took place.

Talking about the incident, the manager said he had not filed any police complaint since he did not have much trust in the police.

He, however, informally reported the matter to the police station on Sunday.

According to the post, the couple was near Saraswati Vihar around 11.30 p.m. on July 6 when over a dozen young men, ‘all drunk’, intercepted them around 200 metres away from a liquor vend.

“They blocked our car with their cars from the front and back. Four drunk youth came on two-wheelers… They began to abuse us and hit my car… When I rolled down the window, one of them pulled out my car’s key. They accused me of hitting them with my car, but I refuted the allegations. At this, one of them slapped me and warned my wife not to call the police,” wrote the logistics manager.

Demanded Rs. 2 lakh

He said that the youth demanded Rs. 2 lakh from them, but eventually agreed to free them in return for Rs. 2,000.

However, two men in the gang intervened and let them go without having to pay anything. “By the huge protection and blessings of God, we reached home unharmed. I request all, NOT to avail Pataudi-Gurgaon road for reaching Vatika at night after 9 pm (specially if you are accompanied with a female). This was a horrible and a nightmare experience for me [sic.],” read the post.

Locals said they have been demanding security on the stretch for a long time, but nothing was done.

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