Cong. sends Modi’s name for Guinness record

The Congress in Goa has written to the Guinness World Records, asking the body to include Prime Minister Narendra Modi in its roll of honour for “setting a record of travelling abroad”. Goa Congress General Secretary Sankalp Amonkar released a copy of a letter he had written to the Guinness officials, sent via registered post on Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference, Mr. Amonkar said, “We want to highlight the ridiculousness of the Modi regime,where the Prime Minister has spent more time abroad than in India.”

“We are overwhelmed and extremely happy to suggest the name of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has set the world record. He has correctly used the resources of India and had set the record of making 41 trips to 52 countries in his tenure of four years. He has already incurred an expenditure of Rs. 355 crore,” said Mr. Amonkar.

“He has become a role model for the future generation of India, as no other Prime Minister in the world has travelled across [so many] countries of the world in their respective tenures,” Mr. Amonkar said, , adding, that during Mr. Modi’s tenure the value of the Indian rupee had fallen to Rs. 69.03 against the U.S. dollar.

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