Cong. calls PM Modi insensitive

In one of its sharpest attacks yet, the Congress on Monday described the Bharatiya Janata Party as a new East India Company and called Prime Minister Narendra Modi “insensitive.”

“Today, Bengal and the entire country saw a new insensitive face of Prime Minister Modi. When a part of a tent had collapsed and people were crying for help, Modiji continued with his speech,” said Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala about the minor mishap at Mr. Modi’s rally in Midnapore, West Bengal.

“One-third of the country is reeling under floods, be it Gujarat, Maharashtra or Assam, but the Prime Minister is busy gathering votes…. And the only method they know is polarise, polarise, polarise…divide, divide and divide,” said Mr Surjewala.

The party’s reaction was more a response to the BJP’s repeated attacks on Rahul Gandhi, who was quoted by an Urdu daily
as having told a meeting of Muslim intellectuals that the Congress was a “Muslim party.” The Urdu daily claimed on Monday that Congress’s minority cell chief Nadeem Javed had confirmed its story.

Mr. Surjewala said Mr. Javed had merely said “if India wants to become a superpower, it has to take care of its weaker sections, including minorities, Dalits and others.”

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