Colonies flooded in Kirari, but not due to rain

Karan Vihar in north-west Delhi’s Kirari was flooded on Sunday, but rain played no role in the matter.

Residents said that the drains in the locality overflow every three days — whenever water is supplied to the area. “This has been happening for about two years now, ever since the water supply lines were set up,” said Ratimant Singh, who works at a restaurant here.

Karan Vihar is one of the 104 unauthorised colonies in Kirari village. Chief Minister Arvind Kejirwal had visited some of the colonies on July 7 and had said that residents were living in “hellish conditions”.

The system of open drains along main roads and alleys were overflowing in multiple areas on Sunday.

“A lot of people have un-metered water connections here. So they just leave the taps open and this is the result,” said Babu Khan, whose small paan shop stands just inches above the flowing drain water.

Garbage clogging the drains exacerbates the problem. The water, mixed with sewage, froths around plastic wrappers and other waste.

While small heaps of garbage cleared from the drains can be seen on some roads, Suresh Kumar, a resident, said: “These drains have been lying like this for about two months. The corporation comes to clean the drains only after we complain multiple times.”

“Since no one comes to clean, every once in a while I take a plough and clear the drains. But because of all this filth, there are so many flies that it is hard to even make
peacefully,” said Asha, another resident.

Aman Vihar

In neighbouring Aman Vihar colony, the situation is worse. Pedestrians have to often tip-toe their way through waterlogged roads and construction debris.

“It becomes hard to step out of the house,” said one resident.

The garbage situation is just as bad. At a ragpickers colony nearby, Naseerudin, a resident, said: “The corporation’s vehicles come here about every three days and simply roam the main roads, collecting a little waste here and there. I have not seen the vehicles for at least the past eight days.”

During his visit on July 7, the Chief Minister had said that funds for development of all unorganised colonies would be released within 15 days.

On the same plot as the ragpickers colony, stands a derelict marriage hall said to have been constructed by the North Delhi Municipal Corporation. Rajvir Yadav, who runs a pharmacy opposite the site, said: “It was constructed in 2013, and on paper is supposed to have been repaired twice.” Currently, it is occupied by a few stray cows and a horse.

The drains overflow every three days… this has been happening for about two years now, ever since the water supply lines were set up

Ratimant Singh

Resident of Karan Vihar

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