Cinema halls aim to reopen with a shot of immunity

Excited to sip some fizzy beverage and chomp fast food as soon as cinema halls reopen? Hold on to your excitement for the menus at cinema halls won’t be the same as before. You’ll have to ditch the soft drink and popcorn and instead opt for healthy foods when you get back to the theatres now!

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, managements of cinemas, across the country, reveal that there will be an inclusion of immunity boosting foods at most theatres, ranging from the fancy Turmeric Latte to the traditional kada and rasam. “Much like ticket booking and check-ins, our guests are also going to have a contactless experience for food ordering and payments. As far as the menu is concerned, we have taken a deliberate decision of operating with a shortened menu, and across the country we have also introduced a handpicked array of immunity boosters including healthy green teas such as Tulsi and Ginger Lemon Tea, Hot Turmeric Pepper Latte, and lots of soups and juices. We will also serve Pepper Rasam and nutritious energy bars, and aim to make our menu tastier yet healthier,” says Dinesh Hariharan from INOX Leisure Ltd, adding, “Even at the live kitchens of our premium properties, the menu has been re-engineered with an introduction of exotic options such as fresh fruit juices, specially-curated beverages, soups and sandwiches, which would have the added ingredients to build immunity.”

Some have gone a step ahead, the natural way. “We understand that patrons will be looking at health-conscious options when they visit the cinemas, especially during this period. So we have introduced immunity boosting products such as cold pressed juices as well as coconut water on our menu,” says Devang Sampat, from Cinepolis India.

But healthy doesn’t mean you won’t be spoilt for choice. Some multiplexes have decided to roll an extensive menu, and Kunal Sawhney, from Carnival Cinemas, says, “We have included kada, Turmeric Latte, Tulsi Tea, and many other varieties of immunity-boosting teas in the drinks menu. Spinach, broccoli, fresh citrus fruit platter, yogurt, and nuts are also being included in the food menu. In the combos that will be on offer, we will add at least one healthy food item from these dishes.”

Interestingly, film buffs, who are looking forward to finally return to cinema halls for the big-screen experience, say that this is the need of the hour. “It would be a very different feeling, for sure, to get back to the theatres after more than four months, and the scare of the virus surely demands cinema hall menus include such healthy options than just serving junk food that plays havoc with our system,” says Mohit Saraf from Faridabad. And while the movie he’ll watch is yet to be decided, Saraf has his beverage choices lined up. “From the immunity boosting menu, I would love to taste the Turmeric Latte,” he says.

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