Charges filed against Telugu couple

The Telugu-origin couple Kishan Modugumudi and Chandrakala Purnima Modugumudi, allegedly involved in a sex racket in the United States, have been charged by a US District Court on ten counts including Felony, which is a serious crime, under three sections.

These sections include 18USC 371, conspiracy to defraud United States; 8USC 1328, which is importing aliens for immoral purposes and 18USC 1546, which is fraud and misuse of visas, permits and other documents. In the criminal proceedings filed in the Northern District of Illinois few days ago, five victims have been identified as having been used by the couple for prostitution in various cities of the United States, arranging customers and the logistics like hotels for them apart from providing air tickets from India.

The charges say the couple, beginning in or around December 2016 through January 23, 2018 did knowingly and wilfully combine, confederate, conspire and agree with one another to import, keep, maintain, control, support, employ and harbour victims for the purpose of prostitution. The charges say the couple conspired to bring Indian women into the US to engage in prostitution in Chicago and Illinois, for financial gain. It was as part of the conspiracy that they recruited and enticed women to come to the US from India for prostitution.

The charges said the couple provided the victims with fraudulent documents, falsely stating the victims were to be honoured at various Indian cultural events, in order to obtain a visa, and to show Customs and Border Protection officers.

The conspirators also transported or caused to be transported the victims to locations in the United States for the purpose of the victims engaging in commercial sex acts with customers who paid for those acts.

Chandrakala Purnima Modugumudi travelled with the victims to meet with customers and collected money for the commercial sex acts that were to take place with the victims. They had the victims engage in prostitution in Chicago, Illinois and elsewhere for the conspirators’ own financial benefit. The victims performed commercial sex acts with numerous customers during their harbouring stay, the charges said.

Chandrakala was also charged with keeping ledgers detailing the number of commercial sex acts performed by the victims and payments received. The charges also said she collected $ 1,000 from a customer to have commercial sex with one of the victims and warned him not to tell the victim how much he paid for the act and not to ask for the mobile number of the victim.

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