Biocon chief: My tweet was misinterpreted

Following the controversy over her tweet on the introduction of English medium in government schools, Biocon Chairman and Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, on Wednesday, in a letter to Kannada Development Authority (KDA) Chairman S.G. Siddaramaiah said that her tweet was ‘misinterpreted’.

Reacting to pro Kannada activists objecting to English medium in government schools, Ms. Shaw had tweeted, “Media always portrays a small and insignificant group of naysayers as activists – these are usually attention-seeking trouble-makers who don’t care about education nor employment”.

Taking objection to this tweet, Mr. Siddaramaiah had written to her expressing anguish over the tweet. But, he had said that he had no option but to ‘sympathise with her views on education which is devoid of cultural and human values’.

Ms. Shaw responded on Wednesday stating that she had no intention of hurting his sentiments.

“At the outset, let me state that I hold the Kannada Development Authority in high esteem, I had no intention of hurting your sentiments. I did not get into the details of who met the CM. I was merely responding to the headline,” she said, reiterating that her tweet was based on the headline of a news story published in this regard.

She maintained that while promoting Kannada, it was also important to teach English in schools to provide job opportunities for students in the future.

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