At 7,000 per day, Pune dist fails to meet state-directed 18,000-test nos

PUNE It has been over a month since the state recommended that Pune district carry out 18,000 Covid tests, daily.

However, the district administration has not been able to meet the target.

As of Friday, December 25, the administration is carrying out 7,000 daily Covid tests, less than half the target set by the state government.

The recommendations had come in view of a possible second wave of infections.

The district administration has now set its own target at 12,000 tests.

District collector Rajesh Deshmukh said, “There are not many Covid-19 patients now, however, I have asked the district administration to aggressively do contact tracing and survey of SARI and ILI patients. We are also covering comorbid patients to make sure that we meet the target. By next week, I have ordered the administration to test at least 10,000 samples daily.”

To increase daily testing, the administration is increasing contact tracing, detection of ILI and SARI patients and also potential super spreaders.

The administration estimated that in the worst-case scenario it is possible that the city may have over 48,000 active cases, for which it claims it has enough manpower, medicines, drugs, beds, oxygen, and ICU units with and without ventilators.

Although the positivity rate of the city has gone down, there has been a slight spike in the number of daily cases but the number has not been as high as was being estimated before Diwali.

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