Arrest Kathi Mahesh: Paripoornananda

Taking a serious exception to the recent statements allegedly made by film critic Kathi Mahesh against Lord Rama, Sri Peetam (Kakinada) pontiff Swami Paripoornananda demanded that the State government issue an arrest warrant against the former and take him into custody for hurting the sentiments of the Hindus.

Speaking to the media here on Monday, Swami Paripoornananda said both theists and atheists should respect the Constitution and behave responsibly in society, with mutual respect towards individual beliefs.

“Just because one has ‘freedom of speech’, one should not go on making absurd statements hurting the sentiments of certain sections of society,” he said.

“It has become a common practice to remain in limelight (news) by dragging someone into unnecessary controversies. Kathi Mahesh, who is probably an agent to create tensions in society, is known for employing such tactics,” he alleged.

Adding rationalist Babu Gogineni to the list of such persons, Paripoornananda said that none of them had the right to criticise the Hindu culture and traditions.

‘Coordination lacking in TTD’

Tirumala Special Correspondent adds:

Swami Paripoornananda opined that lack of coordination amongst various departments was the root cause of all the controversies in the TTD.

The fact that there was no coordination between employees, priests, administrative officials and the TTD trust board was visible in the recent controversies, which had tarnished the image of the institution.

In order to protect the sentiments of devotees, the government should take the initiative and set up a coordination committee with honest people from various sections of society to prevent recurrence of such incidents.

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