Applicants fail to reach on time for licence tests, crowd at Pune RTO later

Despite the Regional Transport Office (RTO) introducing learning licence tests at 7.30 am onwards, applicants not coming according to given slots has resulted in a huge rush at the RTO premises in Alandi.

In a bid to reduce crowds and ensure proper social distancing, the RTO authorities had announced that from September 21, learning licence tests will be conducted from 7:30am to 6pm.

Applicants will be called in seven different slots, 1.5 hours each, with 100 applicants per slot.

Each day a total of 700 learning licence tests are to be conducted.

Earlier, tests were conducted from 10am to 6pm.

“I had got a time slot of 9am on September 23, but I was not able to reach on time. So, the test was conducted later in the day,” said Harshad Bansod, a student.

“There was a lot of crowd at the department and it took more than three hours to complete the process. This new system of giving time slots to applicants cannot work as there can be an emergency during this pandemic situation. The RTO should give an appointment and fix a date and allow applicants to come and give the test anytime during the day,” he said.

“This decision was taken in good intention but doesn’t seem to be working as the crowd has increased rather than reducing. Especially after lunchtime there is more crowd as people from the day’s first slot also come in the afternoon to give the test,” claimed Satosh Harale, RTO activist.

“This slot wise timing system should be cancelled and regular tests should be conducted by maintaining proper social distancing,” he said.

Ajit Shinde, officer, Pune regional transport, said, “The reason why we started the learning licence test from 7.30 am was to control the crowd, as after the lockdown there was a lot of rush at the RTO.

From today (Thursday) onward, we have started separate waiting area for applicants to sit in after appearing for the test. The licence will be issued in another room. By doing so we will be able to check that people follow all the Covid-19 safety norms,” he said.

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