After Ashok Khemka, HCS officers’ body raises cadre issues with Chief Secretary

Haryana Civil Service Officers Association president Dr Vandana Disodia wrote a letter to Chief Secretary Vijai Vardhan, highlighting the issue.

A few days after senior IAS officer Ashok Khemka raised serious objections to non-cadre officers getting appointed on IAS cadre posts, now Haryana Civil Service Association too has raised a similar issue of appointment of other services officers on the posts meant for HCS cadre.

HCS Officers Association president Dr Vandana Disodia wrote a letter to Chief Secretary Vijai Vardhan, highlighting the issue. Vardhan, however, was not available for comment.

“This is pertinent to mention that the essence of a competitive examination where service to be allotted to a particular candidate is determined by his individual marks/ rank necessarily implies that he cannot be posted against the cadres/ posts that he has not been allotted,” Dr Disodia wrote.

She added, “The selection system of IAS and allied services and HCS and allied services conducted by the UPSC and HPSC respectively both works on this fundamental principle. A candidate scoring lesser marks cannot be allotted IAS/ HCS service/ cadre. Therefore, it is antithetic to the idea of allotment of service and examination itself to post officers of allied services against the cadre posts meant for the HCS. This amounts to colourable exercise of power as what the government cannot do directly, cannot and should not be done indirectly as well. Also, it undermines the existence and efficacy of the Civil Services Board and the service as a whole.”

Talking about how HCS officers are ignored when it comes to appointing them in various key departments of the state government, Dr Disodia wrote, “It is noteworthy that government has increased the cadre strength of HCS executive branch recently. However, it is surprising to note that so many officers are being posted against our cadre posts and many of the HCS executive officers have been given insignificant assignments or are kept awaiting posting orders for long periods of time. It is also important to note that the officers of civil services are never placed on cadre posts of police department or sent on any deputation to police department as SP, ASP etc. Even the posts meant for HCS (EB) like Additional IG (Jails), Secretary Police Establishment etc have traditionally been kept vacant for all these years for no plausible reasons. In a welfare state and democratic set-up, it is paramount that these posts are manned by officers of Civil Administration. There is absolutely no representation to our service in key departments of the State like Home Affairs, Chief Secretary office, power department, police establishment etc.”

“The HCS (EB) is the feeder cadre of the IAS and the posts meant for officers of this service cannot and must not be thrown open to offices of allied services or other Group B services of State as those officers have not been trained to man these assignments. Officers of every service are trained in their respective domain-specific knowledge and requisite skill repertoire. Posting officers randomly against any assignment like this will bring down the overall efficiency of the system. It is, therefore, humbly prayed that this trend be put to correction as it will hurt the inter services harmony and hierarchy for all times to come, ruining the overall efficiency in administration,” she added.

The HCS association president also raised the issue of various officers who were placed under suspension without holding proper inquiries into the allegations levelled against them. “Also, the HCS officers are suspended without conducting any inquiry, just at the recommendation of political bosses. This has lowered the moral of the fraternity at large and needs to be looked into minutely,” she wrote.

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