11 years on, the wait for BDA sites continues

In 2007, their dreams of a site in the city took a step closer to fruition: 168 families were allotted sites in Banashankari VI Stage 4th T-Block extension developed by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA).

Eleven years later, the only reminder they have of the site is legal cases and receipts of property tax for land they cannot develop.

The allottees were handed possession of the land by BDA in 2007, after having paid around Rs. 2.23 lakh for a 30×40 site in the layout being developed beside Kanakapura Road.

However, soon after alotment, two landowners moved the high court against the BDA, with the denotification of the land being the contention. While a lower court had decided in favour of the BDA, the appeal in the high court is still being heard.

“There is no sign of getting the site. The numbers are defaced, so we can’t even recognise our site. We can’t even go there as the former landowners drive us away,” said an allottee who last visited the site nearly three years ago when they impleaded in the high court case, hoping for a resolution soon.

The allottees who talked to
The Hindu
claimed to be receiving calls from real estate agents who were offering ‘low prices’ in exchange for relieving them of the ‘legal headache’.

The only sign that the site is still in their name are property tax receipts, coming to nearly Rs. 1,040 annually. Apart from this, around 30 allottees have paid as much as Rs. 10,000 each to engage legal help to expedite the high court case.

“We had initially hoped that the BDA’s legal cell would handle the case. But they have not been able to do so. The cases have been adjourned since 2009, with almost no hearings conducted. We thought by engaging our lawyers, we could fight and strengthen the case,” said another allottee.

While this group has not lost hope, some of the allottees have passed away, and others pushed into situations of loan burden over a site they do not possess.

For the allottees, the BDA office has become their second home, where they have spent hours, either protesting or meeting the various commissioners appointed over the years. The allottees estimate that at least 40 meetings have been held. “We hear the same answers each time,” said an allottee.

A senior BDA official said they were aware of the case, and the injustice of the wait ‘for no fault of the allottees’.

“We will be appointing a senior advocate whom the allottees trust, and with them having impleaded the case, we hope that the hearings will come up soon,” said an official.


2004: 168 beneficiaries allotted land in Banashankari VI Stage 4th T-Block

2006-07: Registration of land begins. Original landowners approach court over denotification of their land. Lower court rules in favour of BDA

2007: Landowners appeal in High Court

2018: Case is pending

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