Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai SPOILER ALERT! Dadi forces Kartik to leave Naira | Bollywood Life

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai has completed 3000 episodes yesterday and has become the first show to have achieved such huge milestone. In the recent episodes, we saw that the Goenkas win an old court case of their ancestral temple after 3000 days. They decide to celebrate the day along with Teej. Dadi asks Swarna to call Naira for the Teej celebration as everyone has the right to celebrate the festival.Swarna gives some new clothes and jewellery to Naira and asks her to get ready for Teej. Naira refuses to take it but Swarna tells her that she is aware that Naira is fasting for Kartik and so she must celebrate Teej. The Goenkas dance and celebrate their court case win. Naira gets ready and comes to celebrate. Kartik is mesmerised by Naira’s beauty. Kairav and Vansh bring a cake and the whole family cuts the cake together. Kairav asks Naira to dance while Kartik is lost dreaming about Naira. Naira is unable to breathe due to the smoke. She comes out for some fresh air. Kartik follows her to the garden.

Kartik sees Naira falling unconscious and runs to save her. He makes her drink water and at the same time the moon arises. Naira’s Teej fast is completed by Kartik. In the upcoming episodes we will see that Kartik will question Naira why she observed fast for him. The two will realise their love for each other. Vedika will see all this happening and will get upset. She will remind Naira about her promise to leave Kartik. She will also ask Dadi to give her the daughter-in-law’s right as it was Dadi who forced her and Kartik to get married. Dadi will also support Vedika and force Kartik to leave Naira as she had left him on her own will. What decision will Kartik take?

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