Wonder Woman Gal Gadot says ‘Miss you’ as Ali Fazal sends best wishes for his Death on the Nile costar — view tweets

Ali Fazal has had the taste of both worlds, that is, Bollywood and Hollywood. The actor has had a tremendous Hollywood career and he has been making the country and his fellow artists proud by featuring in some of the most amazing films. He would have been seen in Kenneth Branagh’s Death on the Nile had it not been for the pandemic that imposed a lockdown across the globe. However, slowly and gradually, things are getting better. Gal Gadot who also features in Death on the Nile has her DC standalone second movie, Wonder Woman all set for a theatrical plus a pay-per-view streaming platform release. As soon as the release date was announced, Ali sent his best wishes for his costar.

“Best of luck Gal. Its going to be great. Everyones lookin forward to this.” he wrote whilst shared a snapshot of Gal’s Instagram post. “thank you. miss you!” Gal replied to his tweet. Aww, we love their friendship. Have a dekko at their Twitter exchange below:

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