[Video] Will Alia Bhatt hit a girl if she makes a move on her boyfriend in real life? Ranbir Kapoor, we think you should watch this!

Gully Boy trailer is out and we can’t get over how good Ranveer Singh is in it. We also thanked our stars again that Alia Bhatt is part of Bollywood and not any other film industry. The finesse this 25-year-old girl has on her craft is simply unbelievable. There is a scene in the trailer where she tells Ranveer Singh, she will hit anyone who tries to make a move on her boyfriend. Is that a word of caution for Ranbir Kapoor? These are not words that we thought randomly after watching the trailer, Alia was actually asked the same. Someone from the media at the trailer launch asked her if she will treat anyone the same way if she tries to hit on her boyfriend in real life and her answer was pretty amusing. Although there was no yes, she did admit in her head she might. We love this girl! Check out her exact quote here…

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt could be the next pair to get hitched this year. There are many ready to walk down the aisle but this will be one wedding that everybody will look forward to. Everyone assumes that Ranbir has commitment issues; so him getting married will be epic!

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