Vanessa Felt’s ex Ben branded ‘womaniser’ by lady he had affair with

Vanessa Feltz asks This Morning viewers for advice on heartbreak

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Vanessa Feltz, 60, was left feeling “humiliated” in recent weeks after splitting with her partner of 16 years, Ben Ofoedu. This comes as a lady claiming to have had an affair with Ben has shared her story of falling “hopelessly in love” with the gentleman.

A 59-year-old businesswoman has shared an email with the Daily Mail that she sent to Vanessa when news of his affair became public.

The pair are reported to have had a series of steamy encounters in Ibiza and Thailand and insisted the Radio 2 host deserved to know what her partner had been doing.

She did, however, admit she had no idea Ben had a long-term partner and as soon as she found out she broke off the relationship.

Sharing her email with the Daily Mail the woman, who asked to go by the name Ella, wrote: “I was aware of his relationship with you, and I felt very guilty but he pursued me so much I couldn’t resist his charm.”

Ella admitted being “terrified” to hit send and was even more horrified when a furious Vanessa decided to immediately call her back.

She claimed Vanessa told her in no uncertain terms what she had done was “very wrong”.

“I completely understood her anger at me and I certainly didn’t respond angrily to her, but it was a very awkward conversation,” recalls Ella.

Ella also claimed she only decided to speak out after reading Ben’s interview where he described their relationship as “purely sexual with no feelings involved”.

She continued: “I have been painted as a trollop, when in fact I have a successful career and I’m a single mum, who’s worked hard all my life. As for the sex being a “chore”? Up chores, Ben!

“I fell in love with Ben, and he went all out to seduce me, but once I became aware that he was in another relationship, I broke it off.

“I put myself in Vanessa’s position and asked myself if I would want to know, and I decided it was the right thing to do.”

Ben admitted to his affair in an exclusive interview with The Mirror last week.

He said: “Over a short period of time we had sex three times. It was purely sexual, there were no feelings involved.

“It felt like a chore. I just fell back into it with her to keep her sweet and everything under wraps.”

He said she wanted to continue the relationship but he didn’t lead her to “spill the beans” to Vanessa eight months later.

Ben said he “moved out for a little while” but they seemed to resolve their relationship.

However, when Vanessa was recently confronted with a variety of raunchy text messages, the This Morning presenter called off their engagement.

Vanessa first met Ben in 2005, having divorced surgeon Michael Kuror in 2000 due to cheating allegations.

She and Michael were married for 17 years and they share daughters Allegra, 37, and Saskia, 34.

Vanessa has been keeping a social media presence since her split, while also appearing on This Morning to discuss her breakup.

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