There Wasn't a Red Carpet, but Zendaya Still Brought Fashion to the 2020 Emmys

The 2020 Emmys may have a “come as you are” dress code and zero red carpet for fans to look forward to, but that didn’t stop Zendaya from bringing the fashion.

Even though she could’ve gotten away with wearing her coziest pajamas to the virtual event, she opted for elegance instead in a Christopher John Rogers outfit, Louboutin heels, and Bulgari jewels, styled by Law Roach. The best part? Zendaya said on her Insta Story that it’s only look one.

The fashion tonight will probably be all over the place, mostly because there isn’t much of a blueprint for what is and is not appropriate under these circumstances. All the nominees are tuning in from home, and that lends itself to a new set of Emmys fashion dos and dont’s.

“Our informal theme for the night is ‘come as you are, but make an effort,'” the Emmys told nominees in a statement last week, according to People. “If you want to be in formal wear, we’d love that, but equally if you’re in the UK and it’s 3am, perhaps you want to be in designer pajamas and record from your bed! We want to work with you to style your moments, but want you to guide us on your levels of comfort – where you want to be, who you want to be with, what you want to wear etc.”

Kudos to Zendaya for putting in effort when fuzzy pajamas were fully an option. Can’t say I’d do the same!

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