The Weeknd Admits He Never Wants To ‘Hide’ A Baby On New Track & Fans Think He’s Dissing Drake

The wait is over! New music from the Weeknd is here — and fans think he’s totally dissing Drake on the new track, ‘Lost in Fire.’

Abel is back! It’s been more than two years since The Weeknd released his last full-length, Starboy, and now, he’s giving us a taste of his highly-anticipated 2019 record with “Lost In Fire.” The brand new track, which marks the first piece of music from The Weeknd this year, is everything fans had hoped for! The song, a joint effort withFrench producer Gesaffelstein, instantly captured fans’ hearts, but some couldn’t help but point out that there may be a little dig at Drake in one of the lyrics.

“And I just want a baby with the right one,” The Weeknd croons. “Cause I could never be the one to hide one.” Of course, earlier this year, it was revealed in a song by Pusha T that Drizzy had secretly had a baby with Sophie Brussaux almost a year prior, and Drake finally came clean about his love child on his own record, which dropped weeks later. Drake and The Weeknd have had a bit of a rocky history, although they seemed to have squashed any issues by performing together in 2017. It’s unclear if something happened since then to bring a new beef to light. (NOTE: There is some discrepancy over the lyrics, as Apple Music lists the lyric as, “I could never be the one to hurt one,” which would seem less like Drake shade).

“The Weeknd is shading Drake, I can’t handle both my faves beefing,” one person tweeted. Another wrote, “Noooo why did The Weeknd shade Drake I was holding out hope for a collab,” and someone else added, “Drake vs. the Weeknd is pretty much a Canadian Civil War.”

When The Weeknd first started in the industry, he received major support from Drake, and was even featured on the rapper’s album, Take Care. However, in Sept. 2012, The Weeknd decided to sign to Republic Records, rather than Drizzy’s label. Later that year, Drake cryptically tweeted, “You won’t get away with just a thank you…you owe me a favor,” which many took to be a dig at The Weeknd. Drake denied any beef in 2013, but later that year, in his first-ever interview, The Weeknd spilled more on their tumultuous friendship.

In the interview with Complex, The Weeknd revealed that Drake took a bunch of songs that were supposed to be his for the Take Care album. However, he also clarified that the two were on good terms. In 2015, he reiterated, “I gave up almost half of my album. It’s hard.” Drake has publicly supported The Weeknd’s music since then, and the two have always made it clear that they don’t have beef, but there certainly seems to be some tension, as far as the fans are concerned! Oh, and let’s not forget that there was a BRIEF period when it was rumored there might be something going on between Drake and The Weeknd’s now on-again girlfriend, Bella Hadid — that could’ve added some fuel to the fire!

Listen to “Lost In Fire” above! If this track is any indication of what Abel’s new album is going to sound like, it will be fire indeed.

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