‘The Voice’ Recap: A Shocking 5 Steals & Saves Are Used As 1st Cross Battle Results Are Revealed

America’s votes are in and the winners of ‘The Voice’s first-ever live cross battles were revealed during the show’s April 16 episode!

The results of the first round of live cross battles on season 16 of The Voice are in! After contestants were pitted directly against artists from an opposing team on the April 15 episode, Carson Daly announces who America voted as the winners on April 16. To kick off the show, though, coach John Legend performs his new song, “Preach,” and shows the contestants how it’s done! The first cross battle pair to get results is Kim Cherry from Blake Shelton’s team and Betsy Ade from Kelly Clarkson’s team. The artist who is safe based on America’s votes is Kim.

However, it’s not the end of the road for Betsy. Kelly has ten seconds to decide to ‘save’ her, while the other judges have ten seconds to decide if they want to ‘steal her.’ Within one second, Adam Levine and John (Betsy’s original coach) both go for the steal, which leaves the decision in Betsy’s hand. Betsy decides to go with Adam, to give herself the opportunity to work with a THIRD superstar coach this season.

Next up, Kelly’s artist, Matthew Johnson, and Adam’s, Domenic Haynes, get their results. America chooses Matthew, and Adam wastes no time using his ‘save’ to keep Domenic in the competition. Maelyn Jarmon, from John’s team, and Rod Stokes, from Team Adam, find out their fate next. Maelyn is chosen by America to move on, but Kelly steps up to steal Rod, and he gets to stick around!

Team Adam’s Celia Babini and Team Blake’s Oliv Blu get their results next. America saves Oliv, but once again, there will be no elimination, because John uses his one steal on Celia. Next, Presley Tennant (team Kelly) and Kayslin Victoria (team John) are put in the hot seat. Presley gets America’s save, and since no one uses a steal or save on Kayslin, she becomes the first artist eliminated tonight.

Next, Lisa Ramey from John’s team and Karen Galera from Kelly’s team learn their fate. Lisa gets America’s vote, and sadly, there’s no steal or save used on Karen, so she’s heading home. The next pair to get results are Mart, from team Adam, and Selkii, from team Blake. America saves Mari, and Blake gives Selkii a second chance by using his save to keep her in the game.

The final results of the night are for Dexter Roberts (team Blake) and Andrew Jannakos (team Adam). Dexter gets voted through by America, and unfortunately, it’s the end of the road for Andrew. The remaining contestants will compete in their cross battles during the upcoming April 22 episode, with the results read on April 23.

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