‘Taki Taki’ singer Ozuna not person of interest in rapper’s murder, says manager

Ozuna and his manager are not persons of interest in Puerto Rican rapper Kevin Fret’s murder, the “Taki Taki” singer’s manager says.

Fret was shot and killed early on the morning of Jan. 10 while riding his motorcycle in San Juan. He was 24 years old. Two weeks later, it was reported he had allegedly been extorting Ozuna, 27, over a pornographic video from when Ozuna was a minor.

Vicente Saavedra, Ozuna’s manager, was interviewed at length by Betzaida Quiñones, the state prosecutor for the Puerto Rico Department of Justice assigned to the case, on April 9, reports Billboard. Afterward, Saavedra told the press the questioning didn’t focus on the murder, but allegations that Fret allegedly extorted money from Ozuna over a pornographic video featuring the singer.

Saavedra claims that Quiñones said Ozuna is not a person of interest in the murder.

Previously, in an appearance on TV show “Lo Sé Todo” (“I Know Everything”), Quiñones said she was not investigating Ozuna, whose real name is Juan Carlos Ozuna Rosado, for Fret’s killing.

Earlier this month, Fret’s mother Hilda Rodriguez said she believes Ozuna and Saavedra are responsible for her son’s death, according to Billboard.

During an appearance on internet radio show, “Conexión Samantha Love” posted to YouTube on April 4, Rodriguez accused Ozuna and Saavedra of ordering her son’s death. She also denied claims Fret extorted Ozuna over the video and claimed the two men had been in an “intimate relationship.”

Earlier this week, Rodriguez appeared on “Lo Sé Todo” and repeated the allegations. She claimed her son never engaged in any extortion of Ozuna, saying he only asked the singer to appear on one of his songs after finding a link to the pornographic video. But Ozuna, she says, offered to pay Fret instead.

“The only thing Kevin asked of him was to help him sing as a featured artist on a song,” she alleged. “Ozuna said, ‘No, I’m going to give you money and I want you to send me the link so that I can erase the video. But, my son wasn’t the only person that had the video.”

At the time, Ozuna apologized for his role in the video, saying, “What happened was a mistake of the past. Like many young people, I made a mistake, fueled by ignorance. Today, I’m not only sorry for what happened, but I condemn it. That’s why I looked for help and I am certain everything will be cleared. Likewise, I’m following the process and am always willing to collaborate with authorities to prevent the evil that resulted from this big mistake.”

In a recent interview with Billboard, Ozuna declined to answer questions about Rodriguez’s interview, saying, “Out of respect for him [Kevin Fret] and his family, I have nothing more to say.”

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