Susanna Reid opens up on sad family loss: ‘We’ve not had a good experience’

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Pet lovers tuned into Bill Turnbull’s new Classic FM podcast last week, where he featured Good Morning Britain host and his old BBC colleague Susanna Reid, 49, on the first episode. And while the ITV star told funny stories about her pets over the years, listeners also got to hear her heartbreak and sadness when they passed away.

In my experience cats have not lasted

Susanna Reid

Susanna admitted she and her family haven’t been very lucky when it comes to cats, after losing three of them to road accidents.

Speaking about her current beloved pet moggy Suki, a rescue who is now 11-years-old, Susanna was keen to find out how long they usually live for.

“Well, cats go on for a long time,” Bill replied.

“In my experience, cats have not lasted,” Susanna confessed, sounding upset.


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“In fact, it’s one of the reasons why we put off getting a cat for so long because of the prospect of loss, as you can become very attached to a pet.”

The 49-year-old recalled her childhood cats Tiggy and Whiskey and then Lucky, all of whom died in car accidents.

“We’ve not had good experiences with cats lasting,” she said.

As Bill tried to make light of the sorrowful moment, she added: “Lucky was not lucky.”

The GMB presenter has kept her home private but is believed to live in Balham, south London, with her three sons, something Bill seemed concerned about.

“If you have a cat in the city as you do, actually that’ll just be a bit of a worry isn’t it? When she goes out?”

Susanna agreed, revealing Suki spends a lot of time outside and has, on multiple occasions, given the TV stalwart the fright of her life when she doesn’t come back.

“There have been at least two occasions when she’s gone missing and and has not come back for a significant period of time and on both occasions I’ve became very, very panicky,” she confessed, recalling her heartbreak in the past.

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Earlier on in the podcast, she revealed she had a pang of guilt over ditching Suki’s original name.

After finding her at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home eight years ago, Susanna knew she was the one but didn’t think she suited the name they had given her.

“She was very soft, sweet and affectionate and that was the moment when we thought she’s the one, so we brought her home and we’ve had her for eight years,” she said, but was quickly interrupted by Bill who picked up that Susanna was referring to Suki by different name.

“Hang on, you mentioned the name Penny?” he asked.


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“Yes… is that terrible that we renamed her?” Susanna whispered, giggling.

“The cat was called Penny but when we adopted her we called her Suki. She didn’t seem to object to be fair, Bill!”

“She thinks her name is Suki now!”

It’s clear the moggy means a great deal to Susanna, whatever her name.

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