Nishabdam director Hemanth Madhukar REVEALS how Anushka Shetty prepared for her role as a mute artist | Bollywood Life

Anushka Shetty will next be seen in a thriller titled Nishabdam which will have her playing a mute painting artist. Directed by Hemanth Madhukar, the shooting of the film has been wrapped up and is currently under post-production gearing up for release. Anushka will not have any dialogues in the film and will only be seen using the sign language. Director Hemanth reveals how Anushka prepared for her role in the film which is quite consuming. “Anushka learnt painting and sign language to play this character. We had artists and sign language instructors teaching her the nuances. She used to practise both every day,” Hemanth said recently. Reportedly, Anushka ensured that she went into the groove of her character before the shoot began each day. Looks like quite some effort has gone into the making of the film.

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