Mila Kunis Details 'Blowup' with One of Ashton Kutcher's Family Members, His Relationship with Demi Moore

Kunis breaks down the political battle she had with a member of Kutcher’s family and how they went from co-stars to husband and wife.

Mila Kunis described herself as an "open book" on Marc Maron’s "WTF" podcast released on Monday and she wasn’t lying.

While promoting her upcoming movie "The Spy Who Dumped Me," Kunis didn’t hold back when it came to talking about her relationship with husband Ashton Kutcher, his family and his ex, Demi Moore.

The conversation started off with the two talking about political issues they avoid with family, with Kunis admitting she "had one blowup" with a member of Ashton’s family "that I love so dearly."

"We just so vehemently disagreed on a specific issue that to me is very important," she continued, adding that it was the topic of women’s rights. She said that this family member, who remained nameless, didn’t think it would be "probable" that women’s rights would ever come under attack.

"But I was like, by default, this is the s–t that’s going to go down," she said. Fun fact: Kunis started making donations to Planned Parenthood under Vice President Mike Pence’s name, in protest of his anti-abortion stance.

The conversation then switched gears to her personal life, as Maron asked whether she or Kutcher had been married before.

"I married a divorcee," she said, before reminding Maron that Kutcher was previously married to Moore. She then called out the comedian for being "too f–king highbrow" to know the ins and outs of celebrity news, something she said he and Kutcher had in common.

"You’d be shocked how little my husband knows about anybody or who they are," she explained. "So much so that at one point I was like, ‘Are you f–king with me? There’s no way you don’t know who that is." The actress Kutcher once couldn’t recognize: Julia Roberts.

The couple first met while filming "That ’70s Show," when she was 14 and he was 19, and while they had many a makeout scene on the show, Kunis said they came "with no feelings whatsoever."

After the show wrapped, the actress said they’d keep in contact over instant messenger all the time, as she went on to date Macaulay Culkin and he married Moore. "They had, like, a normal, real relationship," Kunis said of his ex’s former relationship. "They had three kids they were raising. It was, like, a normal life … Yeah, he was younger, but he loved those kids."

When asked if he still has a relationship with Moore’s kids, she said he did.

The two eventually reconnected years later, when they were both single again and started hooking up. It got to a point where she wanted to break it off, "before it becomes too much," but the day after she said she wanted to split he "showed up to my house and he was like, ‘Move in with me.’" She said okay.

Kunis said she sometimes finds herself thinking that "it’s such a bummer that we missed out on 20 years together," but knows "the people that we were back then" weren’t compatible.

"We could have never been together if we didn’t go through what we went through in order to be the people that we were when we reconnected," she added.

The two would tie the knot in 2015 and are now parents to Wyatt and Dimitri.

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