Matt Baker: ‘Doesn’t happen often’ Countryfile star speaks of presenter in emotional post

Countryfile presenter Matt Baker, 41, has been fronting the show since 2009, while Julia Bradbury, 48, hosted the show from 2004 up until her departure in 2014.

Earlier this week, she shared a picture of herself alongside Matt to reflect on their time together as she urged fans to check on their friends.

Julia’s snap saw the pair beaming for the camera while seemingly stood on a television set.

In view of her 41,000 followers, she wrote: “Love this dude. Sometimes you’re lucky enough to be thrown together with people that you really vibe with.

I’m gonna remind you all to take care of your friends & nurture those friendships

Julia Bradbury

“Matt Baker & I started working together on #Countryfile, then got sent on a job together travelling half way round the world, more than 10 years ago.

“He’s become such a good friend in world where that doesn’t happen very often.”

Julia then went on to give her social media fans a “pep talk,” adding: “I’m gonna remind you all to take care of your friends & nurture those friendships.

“’Framily’ is so important. And I hope this doesn’t come across as celebrity luvvie moment because I’m lucky enough to have a lot of good friends who are nothing to do with telly.

“But it’s always nice when you can bounce ideas & thoughts around with someone who understands your job because you’re both doing something similar.”

Many of the television presenter’s fans flocked to her page to comment on the upload.

One user wrote: “It’s so beautiful when you can bounce off each other.”

A second commented: “I miss watching your friendship on Countryfile, it was so natural and lovely to see, you were both so funny and entertaining together.”

A third penned: “Nice words Julia. Family and friends mean everything x.”

Julia’s post comes after Countryfile star Anita Rani, 41, revealed what Matt Baker is really like off-camera.

Speaking exclusively to, she said: “He’s the world’s loveliest man, he is as he is”.

Anita went on to reflect on a humorous moment which occurred during production for Countyfile Live.

She said: “We did a photoshoot for Countryfile Live at the Capital House, he [Matt] fell into the water.

“He had his phone and he fell in… everyone just gasped over and then he appeared from the water. We were like, ‘Come on Matt.’”

When asked if the moment was captured on camera, she added: “It might be, there could be photographic evidence online.”

Countryfile continues tonight on BBC One from 7pm.

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