Lil Uzi Vert Fans Demand More New Music After Hearing ‘Shells’ — ‘Drop The Fu**ing Album* Already

Patience is a virtue, but Lil Uzi fans are losing theirs. They CANNOT wait for the rapper’s new album to arrive! See their eager tweets.

Lil Uzi Vert, 24, is heating up the holidays with new music. The hit-maker dropped “Shells” on Christmas Eve, and the taste of new music has fans wanting more. Uzi teamed up with Maryland rapper Shabazz PBG for the energy-filled track, but since its release fans have been on their toes, hoping that a new album is to follow. After hearing “Shells,” fans lit up Twitter with angsty tweets. “Why tf ain’t @LILUZIVERT drop his album yet,” one restless fan said. “Someone tell Lil Uzi Vert to drop his album,” another said. “DROP THE FU**ING ALBUM,” one particularly angry tweet read. Some even reminder the rapper that had promised a record months ago! “it’s really about to be another year and lil uzi still didn’t release the album that he said he was going to release in a couple of days months ago,” the fan said.

However, plenty of fans were just grateful to have a piece of new music from the rapper. “I don’t even need a whole Uzi album. I’ll take a new song tho !” one fan said. In fact, some loved Uzi’s verse on “Shells” so much they forgot all about the long-promised album. “Lil Uzi verse on shells is fire,” one fan tweeted. One fan insisted that the verse was the standout moment on the track. “How shabazz let Lil Uzi f**k shells up more than him,” another tweet read. The verse even had some fans stopping dead in their tracks! “Stop what you’re doing right now and listen to Lil Uzi verse on shells,” one person urged fellow fans on the Twittersphere.

You can watch the full music video for “Shells” above! As 2019 fast approaches, here’s to hoping the new year brings new music from the Philadelphia native.

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