Laurence Fox addresses claims he’s ‘Britain’s most hated’ after Jeremy Vine show backlash

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Laurence Fox joined Jeremy Vine’s self-titled Channel 5 talk show to discuss the backlash he received from his Question Time appearance and the launch of his own political party Reclaim. The actor, who is best known for his role in ITV series Lewis, has since addressed claims he has become a prominent hate figure in Britain.

It comes after the 42-year-old caused a stir during an appearance on BBC’s Questions Time where he disputed claims that Meghan Markle had been badly treated in the press.

Last week, Laurence appeared on the Jeremy Vine show where he clashed with journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown over his comments on the BBC programme.

The small-screen actor has spoken out about the tense confrontation between the pair as he dismissed the idea that he’s “hated”.

When asked about being dubbed “Britain’s most hated man,” Laurence said: “You wouldn’t think I was ‘the most hated man in Britain’ if you walked down the street with me.

“People come up and say, ‘God, that’s brave’.'”

The actor, who was previously married to singer and actress Billie Piper, also addressed Jeremy Vine’s panel member Yasmin.

At the time, the Channel 5 host had replayed a moment from Question Time which showed Laurence hitting back at an audience member.

The member of public suggested Laurence was “white and privileged” and thus had distorted views on racism, which prompted the actor to claim that in itself was a racist remark.

The topic caused a heated discussion between the actor and Yasmin who appeared infuriated by his remarks and subsequent attitude towards the incident as he stood by his comments.

Laurence claimed that Yasmin’s comments towards him “constituted racial abuse” after the journalist called him a “privileged white man”.

He continued to MailOnline: “When I’d finished with her on the programme, I thought to myself, ‘You really need to get more Right-wing’.

“But at the same time, I said to myself, ‘She’ll hang herself anyway’.”


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Laurence also claimed he took issue with Channel 5 for refusing to air the show on catch-up.

He added: “It doesn’t fit in with the London narrative where the Lefties are really kind and compassionate people.”

During the Channel 5 broadcast, Yasmin said to the actor: “You should actually ask other people whether there is racism, not you.

“I know it’s very hard for you to be such a privileged white man.”

She continued: “It’s a burden, I can see it’s a burden. You hate it being a Fox.

“But you should actually listen to some of us and look at the stuff I get. I’m even getting death threats because I’m a Muslim and a woman and an immigrant. Listen to us.”

Laurence replied: “No, absolutely. I’ve also had a few death threats in my time.”

The actor has since set up a political party called Reclaim.

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