Lauren Caldwell Ditches the Duggars, Gets Engaged to a Normal Person!

If you’re a longtime Duggar fan, you’re probably familiar with the name Lauren Caldwell.

Lauren is the sister of Kendra Caldwell, who is married to Joseph Duggar.

Even before Joseph and Kendra got married back in … the Duggar and Caldwell clans were extremely close.

Lauren and Kendra’s father is a man named Paul Caldwell, who is the pastor of the Duggars’ church, and reportedly one of the few people whom Jim Bob genuinely looks up to.

Largely for that reason, it’s long been rumored that Joseph and Kendra’s marriage was arranged by their fathers.

It’s also been rumored that Jim Bob and Paul were in talks to wed Lauren to one of the younger Duggar boys.

If that’s true, it seems the creep cnniovers were foiled by Lauren’s independent strwak.

First, it was reported that Lauren was being courted  by Jeremiah Duggar.

It was later reported that she had entered a relationship with Jeremian’s twin, Jed.

Fans seemed seriously invested in the idea of a second Caldwell entering the Duggar clan, and those rumors gave way to reports that James Duggar was courting Lauren.

Now, however, there’s news that Lauren has ditched the Duggar clan entirely, in order to marry a guy who has zero reality show credits to his name.

The Caldwells revealed this week that Lauren is engaged to a guy named Titus Hall.

The family shared the news with a pic of Lauren and Titus on the beach in Lower Grand Lagoon, Florida, where Hall apparently stunned his bride-to-be by popping the question.

“We couldn’t be happier for Titus and Lauren,” the Caldwelll family wrote, adding the hashtags “engaged,” “surprise proposal” and “beach proposal.” 

Joe and Kendra shared the pic above on their own Instagram page, along with a congratulatory message for the young couple:

“We are so excited for my sister Lauren and Titus on their engagement,” they wrote.

“And here we all were thinking that she was in a courtship with James congrats to Lauren and Titus,” one fan commented.

“Guess all those rumors about James aren’t true lol

“Who is Titus?” YouTube journalist Katie Joy asked.

She received no substantive answer, and certainly no response from Joe or Kendra.

The fact is, little is known about Titus — and that’s probably just how he and Lauren like it.

The kind of spotlight the Duggars live in is not for everyone — and the people who marry into the Duggar clan are immediately thrust into center stage.

We’re not saying that that’s the reason that Lauren eschewed a courtship wih James — but it may well have been a factor in her decision.

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Of course, various members of the Caldwell clan have appeared on Counting On, and it’s possible that wedding preparations will take place on the show.

As for the wedding itself, however, that will likely be a private affair.

Or at least as private as an event can be with a thousand or so people in attendance.

Our sincere congrats go out to the happy couple.

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