Kylie Jenner Says She Had 'Saggy T**s' and 'Baby Blues' After Second Birth

Kylie Jenner is getting real about her struggles with postpartum depression, admitting she suffered from “saggy t–s” and the “baby blues.”

The billionaire cosmetics mogul goes deep about the birth of her second child she shares with Travis Scott during a second season episode of “The Kardashians” Hulu show.

Kylie says, “I cried non-stop all day for the first three weeks. ‘It’s just the baby blues and then it kinda goes away. I had it with Stormi too.” She added, before it went away she had to “lay in bed and my head would hurt so much.”

Kylie also offered this … “Nothing’s stopping me [from wearing mini dresses],” she says. “I feel really good about my body. Like, I see my body and I love my body, my saggy t–s.”

Kendall reveals she’s starting “a new chapter in my career. 818 is my baby. I’ve been working on it for about five years now and I can’t wait to just continue to grow the brand and it is just the best and really crazy.”

Well, smart move … because that’s clearly where the money is.  Just ask Clooney, Gerber, etc.

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