Kundali Bhagya 2 May 2019 written update of full episode: Prithvi’s plan to misguide Sarla | Bollywood Life

In the yesterday’s episode we saw that Karan and Preeta sort out their issue. Meanwhile, Janki sees Prithvi and Sherlyn fighting with each other. She questions them but Prithvi pretends of him getting furious with Sherlyn as she insults Preeta. Tonight’s episode starts with Prithvi trying to call Raj but the call doesn’t connect. After a while, he hears the voice of Sherltn laughing loud but he notices that it is someone else. He sees Preeta coming his way. He greets her but Karan also follows Preeta. Prithvi gets irked to see Karan. He compliments Preeta for her look. Karan questions Prithvi for missing from the party. Prithvi pretends that he went to buy a gift for Preeta as she is his would be wife. He gets furious as Karan asks him to show the gift. Prithvi pretends that he forgot the gift at home. Karan questions him as Sherlyn also was missing from the party. By that time Rishabh comes there. Prithvi asks Rishabh to confirm if Sherlyn is in the party. While Prithvi takes a mask for the party, Karan reveals that Prithvi is hiding the truth. But Prithvi leaves from there saying that there is nothing like that.

Karan (Dheeraj Dhoopar) is happy they can make Sherlyn reveal the truth with the injection which makes the person say the truth. He wonders why Shrishty is getting late in bringing the injection. Meanwhile, slowly romance starts flaring between Shrishty and Sameer as they heal each other’s injuries. After a while, they go back to the party but this time Sameer drives the car. On the other hand, Prithvi calls Sherlyn in a room. She keeps on blaming him as he calls her even when he knows that Janki had seen them together. She becomes very aggressive. He shares his plan to stop Sarla from exposing him and Sherlyn. He calls someone and asks the person to come in the same room. Sherlyn gets tensed but he asks her to trust him. By that time 2 people enter the room in which the girl looks similar to Sherlyn and the guy looks similar to Prithvi. Prithvi also gives the same masks like theirs. But Sherlyn has a doubt on the plan as their clothes are different. Meanwhile, Janki still doubts on Prithvi and Sherlyn. She gets into dilemma as to whom she should share what she has seen.

She sees Karan passing by. She shares with him about Sherlyn and Prithvi fighting with each other. She doubts that there is something fishy between Prithvi and Sherlyn. But before they discuss further, Dadi comes there. She takes Janki along with her. Dadi feels that she is looking very pretty. Janki also agrees with her. On the other hand, Karan doubts that Prithvi and Sherlyn must have gone out together and came back in the party together. He calls Sameer for asking about the injection. Sameer shares that Shrishty met with an accident. Karan gets shocked to know that. Prithvi listens to the conversation. Karan asks Sameer to take Shrishty to the doctor and leaves to inform Preeta about it. But Shrishty asks Sameer to drive towards the Luthra house as Preeta will can do her check-up. Meanwhile, Prithvi gives exact same clothes to the guy and the girl for his plan. He also pays them some money to help him execute the plan.

On the other hand, Sarla reaches outside the Luthra house. She determines to expose Sherlyn’s real face. Prithvi’s goons also follow her till Luthra house. Sarla enters in the party. She looks for Rishabh to tell him the fact. She gets tensed as she sees no one from the Luthra house. So she also looks for Preeta while Preeta wonders as Sarla gets late for the party. Stay tuned for more scoops and updates of the show.

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