Kendall Jenner Slammed For Racial Ignorance Amid George Floyd Protests

All across America this weekend, tensions ran high as millions gathered to protest the police murder of George Floyd, a black man from Minneapolis who was unarmed and handcuffed at the time of his death.

In the celebrity world, some stars spoke out and donated to legal defense funds for protestors, while others remained conspicuously silent.

One A-lister remained in the latter category despite previously linking her name to civil unrest and protests against police brutality.

We’re talking, of course, about Kendall Jenner, woman of the people.

Back in 2017 Kendall starred in a Pepsi commercial that quickly became an object of scorn and derision.

In the ad, we see Kendall at a rally where the threat of violence between police and protesters looms ominously in the air.

But before civil unrest can run rampant, Kendall heals the wounds caused by 400 years of American racism by handing out cans of Pepst.

It was an ad so ridiculous that it still lingers in the public consciousness three years later, and it resurfaced on Twitter in a big eay this week.

“Where is @KendallJenner in Beverly Hills to calm this situation down?” one user asked.

“Where’s Kendall Jenner with a Pepsi when we need her?” another echoed,

“Kendall Jenner has the Pepsi to stop all of this yet she does nothing,” a third chimed in.

“Kendall Jenner must’ve run out of Pepsis,” a fourth opined.

You get the idea.

But amid all the jesting, some fans expressed sincere disappointment in Kendall’s refusal to speak out about the protests.

“Kendall talked about fake airpods on her instagram story for 4 SLIDES for a paid promotion and had nothing to say about george floyd and other innocent black lives that were taken besides a broken heart emoji. wtf,” one fan (or former fan) tweeted.

“Imagine having 130m instagram followers and as much money as kendall jenner and all you could do to spread awareness of the situation right now is post an emoji on your story,” another wrote.

Kendall is not the first member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to be criticized for her refusal to speak out over the Floyd situation.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and others have now spoken out after fans essentially demanded it, pointing out that as white women rsising black children, the world needs to hear their voice.

Kendall has no children, but she does have a massive platform, and police brutality is an issue that affects every American with a conscience.

Furthermore, Kendall is dating Devin Booker, a black NBA star who has spoken publicly in support of the protests.

Perhaps Kendall is afraid of saying the wrong thing,

Or perhaps the memory of the worst PR disaster of her career is still painfully fresh in her mind,

Whatever the case, there are many things that are bigger than Kendall’s modeling career, and this is one of them.

And her continued silence is likely to harm her reputation irrevocably, while a few words of support might speak volumes.

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