Joy-Anna Duggar Admits Being A New Mom Is Not What She Expected: I ‘Didn’t Think’ It’d Be This ‘Hard’

She’s used to dealing with 18 siblings, but Joy-Anna Duggar didn’t know how hard motherhood could be! The ‘Counting On’ star reveals that it’s hard to adjust to being a new mom.

Growing up with 18 siblings means that Joy-Anna Forsyth (formerly Duggar) has plenty of experience taking care of kids. But now she’s a mom herself, and it’s a whole different ball game. She reveals in a sneak peek from the September 10 episode of Counting On that welcoming son Gideon into the world on February 23 gave her a new set of challenges to face!

“I have to wake Gideon up at least twice a night to feed him to make sure that he’s gaining weight because he’ll just sleep and won’t eat,” Joy-Anna, 20, says in a the clip. “Being a mom is in a lot of ways easier than I thought and then in a lot of ways, harder than I thought. I knew that my mom had gone through a lot with all of us kids, but I didn’t think it was that hard just because I had always taken care of kids myself. But it’s given me a whole new appreciation for moms out there that have kids.” You can watch the sneak peek clip HERE.

It’s not just Joy-Anna who’s having a difficult time adjusting to parenthood. Her husband, Austin Forsyth, says in the clip that he had never even changed a diaper before Gideon! “The first week it was, ‘Is the baby breathing?’ I would just lay there and see if I could hear it and multiple times I got out of bed, you know, making sure [he] was breathing,” Austin, 24, says in the preview. “I think I’m finally coming to the realization that there’s always going to be something for the rest of my life and the rest of his life. I think that’s just part of my job as a dad.”

They have nothing to worry about, though. They’re both doing beautifully as new parents, and Counting On fans totally know it. Counting On airs Mondays at 9:00pm on TLC.

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