Haiwaan 30 August – 8 September 2019 recap: Randhir tries to expose Jia, Ansh tortured | Bollywood Life

Haiwaan is the latest television series on Zee TV. Bankrolled by Ekta Kapoor, the weekend show stars Param Singh as Randhir Agnihotri, son of a scientist while Ridhima Pandit essays a Superintendent of Police, Amrita. Ankitt Mohan has been roped into essay Randhir’s best friend, Ansh while Heli Daruwala plays the daughter of Randhir’s maternal aunt, Misha. The serial went on the air on 31 August 2019 and is heavily set in the superhero, sci-fi space. In case you have missed watching the show, catch up on the story so far here.

The first episode of Haiwaan opens with a scene of a scientist Deepak telling his son Randhir about his discovery of a ‘superhuman’ for the betterment of mankind. However, Deepak is wronged by his assistant Govind and Haiwaan ends up killing Deepika and his wife Divya. Twelve years on, Shimodra still remembers Deepak as ‘Father of Shimodra’ and respects him very much. Randhir is onto Govind and his daughter Jia for he promises his dying father to create a superhuman that will destroy Haiwaan and avenge his parents’ murder.

Ansh saves Randhir from Haiwaan in the second episode. Randhir’s maternal aunt Nayantara conspires to replace Randhir with her daughter Misha in Deepak’s company. We also see Jia create a new Haiwaan, more powerful than the last one. Randhir, meanwhile, performs an experiment on himself to fight the new monster.

Jia and her brother Chetan try to lure Randhir, which irks Amrita. She gets disgusted and leaves. A drunk Misha throws herself at Ansh but he turns her down. Ansha chases Haiwaan but is attacked by Haiwaan.

The latest episode shows Jia torturing Ansh to extract Deepak’s secret formulae. Randhir makes a scene at the statue inaugural function, upsetting KK and Nayantara. Amrita tries to control Randhir but he has a plan of his own. Govind tells Jia to meet a Yeti Master, the guru of Yeti trainers from a science monastery.

In the next episode, Randhir tries to save Amrita from an attack and takes the fall for her. He is injured and unconscious. Upset with the state his BFF is in, Ansh switches to a ‘Haiwaan’ mode and goes to meet Jia.

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