Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 16 January 2019 written update of full episode: Akshat’s unexpected move

As Durga stops Guddan’s parents asking them to know the truth. Dadi wonders about it. Durga reveals that Guddan had kept the party to catch the kidnapper of Revati. She asks Guddan in front of all about the kidnapper. But Guddan says nothing. AJ tries to stop Durga but Durga reveals that they have got the kidnapper. All are shocked to hear that. Durga points out at Kaushalya. Parv feels relaxed with that. Durga blames Kaushalya for unplanned marriage of Guddan and Akshat. Durga asks AJ about whether he heard Kaushalya about it. Durga says that she heard their discussion. Kaushlya gets tensed. She questions Kaushalya about the truth. Kaushalya feels that Durga heard the conversation between her and Parv. She accepts that she made Guddan marry AJ. Guddan gets shocked with it. Further Kaushalya reveals that God helped her in that. She does some emotional drama to explain why she got AJ and Guddan married to each other. She also denies the allegation that she kidnapped her daughter Revati. She questions AJ about it. While Durga tries to stop her drama, AJ stops her. He says that Durga must be having some misunderstanding pretending that he believes her. He joins hands and apologizes to Kaushalya. Guddan gets shocked with it. Guddan’s father thanks him for believing them. Later they all leave from there. Aj asks Durga to be careful before saying anything. But Guddan still feels that AJ doesn’t believe her mother. Saru and Laxmi try to fuel Durga against Kaushalya. Durga wondering about the change in the thinking of AJ. Kaushalya gets a call from AJ. He meets her downstairs. She feels that he might have come to say sorry again. He warns her that he spared her for Guddan and accepted her fake story as he knows that whatever he heard and what Durga said is true. He blames her for Revati’s kidnapping and his marriage with Guddan. He says that the truth will find its way one day. He instructs her not to interfere in their matters else he will make sure to get her arrested. Kaushalya gets scared and leaves from there.

Durga is wondering why AJ said lie in front of all. She feels that all that is happening because of Guddan. Saru doubts if the love between AJ and Guddan is getting blossomed. Durg gets angry. On the other side, Guddan is wondering about the change in the behaviour of AJ. Dadi asks Guddan about what Durga said. Guddan shares that AJ is doing some drama in front of all. Dadi feels that AJ and Guddan have fallen in love with each other but they haven’t realized it. Saru and Laxmi come there. They give a gift to Guddan for the reception saying that their gift is different. They give her a wall clock saying that Guddan’s good time has started. Durga explains that the sadesati on Guddan is over so she can go back home. She also apologizes to Guddan for the allegations on her mother. She says that Guddan can leave the house anytime as there is no reason to live in that house. Dadi gets angry to hear all that. Saru, Laxmi also try to ask Guddan to leave the house. Durga asks Saru and Laxmi to pack her bags.

In the next scene, AJ recollects what Kaushalya said. By that time Dadi comes there. She reminds him about the promise he did to Antara. She also asks him to accept Guddan as his wife from heart. She explains him that Antara didn’t want him to be alone after her. She informs him what Durga, Laxmi and Saru are planning against Guddan. She asks him to stop all that else she will not forgive him for the whole life.

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