Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 15 March 2019 written update of full episode: Mystery lady’s real face exposed by Guddan

Today’s episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega starts in the Jindal house. Akshat is tensed as Guddan doesn’t believe on what he told her. By that time Parv comes there in order to taunt him for having an extra marital affair. Akshat gets angry on him. Parv says that both of them are almost same. He keeps on laughing on Akshat for the situation in which is currently.

In the next scene, Guddan lighten ups lamp near the photo of Antara. She speaks to the photo as she doesn’t believe that Akshat is actually having an affair. She believes that Akshat is lieing to defend that mystery lady. Akshat comes in the room. He takes some money from the cupboard and leaves from there. Guddan decides to follow where he is going. Akshat gives the money to the lady whom he introduced to Guddan. He thanks her and asks her to get some medicines needed by the mystery lady. Guddan listens to their conversation. She learns that her guessing is correct that he is not having affair with the lady he introduced to her. So she decides to meet that lady to find out the truth. The lady goes inside the house of mystery lady. Guddan also enters the house and follows her. She sees the lady giving some injection to that lady but she cannot see it properly. She tries to open the door. By the time she opens the door, she gets shattered to see inside the room.

On the other hand, Dadi along with Durga, Saru and Laxmi prays to God so that everything gets back to normal. By that time Guddan comes there with a smiling face. She brings the mystery lady with her. All wonder to see that. Dadi questions her about it. Guddan calls Akshat to see that. Akshat shocked to see Guddan with the mystery lady. He comes downstairs and scolds her a lot. Guddan tells him that she did whatever a wife needs to do in such situation. As soon as she unveils the face of the mystery lady, all get shattered to see that. Guddan asks Akshat to reveal the entire truth to all. Akshat explains that the mystery lady is in fact his younger brother Angad who disguise himself as a female. Dadi is happy to know that. But Saru, Durga and Laxmi wonder about it. Angad collapses a bit. Akshat consoles him. Angad removes all the make-up of being a lady. He wonders to see himself wearing dress of lady. He apologizes to Akshat as he knows that he remains normal till the medicines effect is there. Akshat consoles him and asks him not to worry. He takes Angad to his room to take rest. Dadi gets very emotional. Akshat makes Angad sleep in the room. Guddan and Saru ask Dadi about Angad. Dadi tells them all that Angad is having mental problem because of his break up with his girlfriend. Dadi also reveals that Antara died due to Angad’s mental illness. Akshat explains that Angad has no connection with Antara’s death in the accident. He blames Guddan for bringing Angad in front of all as he wanted Angad to hide himself to save him from police. Guddan tries to explain but Akshat warns her not to interfere in his matters. Dadi requests Akshat to keep Angad with them. But Akshat tells her that Angad might get violent and dangerous for the ladies in the house but promises to keep Angad in the house till he makes some arrangement for him. He instructs all not to go nearby Angad specially Guddan.

In the evening, Dadi recollects childhood memories of Angad with some old photos. Guddan comes there. She asks Dadi about how she could live away from her son Angad. Dadi tells her that it is better for her as Angad has the mental problem and Akshat will not keep her with them. Guddan decides to keep her family together so she wants to do something to keep Angad with them.

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