‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Amelia & Link Flirt & Things Take A Very Sexy Turn

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ just went there. During the March 14 episode, Amelia and Link connect at a conference, DeLuca’s dad causes major tension at the hospital, and more.

DeLuca runs into Meredith in the early morning hours at the hospital, and she apologizes for getting involved with his dad. “It’s none of my business,” she says. She’s glad things are going well DeLuca Sr.’s research. “I missed you,” DeLuca tells Meredith. They get some sweet kisses in before the day starts.

Amelia is at the same conference Link is attending. She’s a little awkward when they first cross paths. Over the course of the conference, they keep running into each other. Later, they have a heart-to-heart about Betty. Amelia admits that she misses her. They have a near-kiss, but Amelia stops herself. Amelia keeps trying to avoid the inevitable.

Bailey meets Alex’s mom at the hospital. Alex’s mom opens up to Bailey and tells her that she wants to go home but she’s afraid, too. When Alex finds out Bailey talked to his mom, he says that she’s prejudice against people with mental illness. Bailey gets fed up with Alex’s nonsense claim and goes off on him. Bailey stresses that Alex’s mom is trying to tell him things, but he’s making it impossible. Bailey calls Alex a “jackass” and walks away. Good for you, Bailey.

Jo gets her DNA results and asks Maggie to go over them with her. Jo finds out that she has a cousin and thinks about trying to track down her birth mother. After some pondering, Jo decides to take the risk and find her mom, whose name is Vicki Rudin.

When a pregnant patient comes in, Carina goes ahead and tells the patient that everything is going to be just fine. Teddy snaps at Carina and says to not make false promises. Owen notices that Teddy is stressed and tells her to go home. But Teddy is stubborn and refuses. She stays by her patient’s side, so Owen rubs her feet. Hours later, the mother goes into distress. When they’re about to head into surgery, Teddy and Carina walk in on DeLuca Sr. telling the mother he can save her and her baby with his procedure. Alex is furious because they can’t promise fake procedures to patients.

Teddy is forced to tell the mother that she’s going to have to have a hysterectomy. The mother is determined to do DeLuca Sr.’s procedure, no matter the cost. Alex says the procedure is not possible. DeLuca confronts his dad about the false hope he gave the mother and her husband. DeLuca Sr. refuses to see the error of his ways and loses it in front of Alex. As a result, he’s being transported back to Italy. DeLuca is overwhelmed by all the chaos and pushes Meredith away.

Teddy’s emotions are running high after dealing with her patient’s pregnancy. She finally breaks down in front of Owen and he comforts her. However, Tom walks in on this intimate moment.

The tension between Link and Amelia finally boils over after she learns about his past. Once they get on the same page about everything, Amelia kisses him. This leads to… more kissing. Link is uncertain about the hookup because he feels like he’s taking advantage. Amelia assures him that these feelings are mutual. Amelia is quick to add that “this isn’t going anywhere,” which means it totally is. They have sex and I’m totally down for Limelia now.

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