Fernando Cruz: 5 Things To Know About MI Man Who Allegedly Abducted His 3 Kids

Am AMBER Alert has been issued for three Michigan children believed to have been abducted by their own father, Fernando Cruz. Here’s everything to know.

Three children, Aldo Cruz, 2, Matteo Nieves, 4, and Chelsey Lopez, 5, have been reported missing in Sturgis, Michigan. It is believed that their father, Fernando Cruz, kidnapped the children. An AMBER Alert has been issued for all three kids, as their mother anxiously awaits their return. Here’s everything to know about Fernando and everything else about this horrific mystery:

1. He allegedly threatened to harm the children. It is believed that Fernando abducted his three kids from their home in the 100 block of Pioneer Street in Sturgis, Michigan around 10:00 p.m. on Aug. 29. He allegedly threatened to harm himself and the kids, according to police. He is considered armed and dangerous as the search continues.

2. He allegedly got physical with a woman before taking off. Police in Sturgis were first called to Fernando’s home for a domestic complaint. He allegedly “assaulted the mother” (it is unclear if she is the mother of all three children), who then ran to a gas station to call 911. When she was gone, he reportedly took off with the three kids.

3. What were the children last seen wearing? Two-year-old Aldo was last seen in a blue t-shirt and diaper. Chelsey was wearing a pink t-shirt and blue pajamas before the alleged abduction. Matteo was in red shorts and a blue t-shirt.

4. What car was Fernando driving? Fernando was last seen in a black 2009 Chevy Traverse. The car had a Michigan license plate of DWH9204.

5. Where was Fernando last seen? Fernando’s last known location was near Fremont, Indiana on the morning of Aug. 30, when local police spotted a vehicle that matched the description of the father’s car. However, he was not captured. Police did not confirm whether or not they thought the kids were with him at this time.

Anyone with any information is instructed to contact the Sturgis Police Department (269-651-3231) or St. Joseph County Central Dispatch (296-467-4195).

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