Ewan McGregor’s Daughter Esther McGregor Drops Debut EP with New Band French Thyme!

Esther McGregor is making her music debut with producer and saxophonist Leo Major!

The 18-year-old singer-songwriter formed the new band French Thyme with Leo and they just dropped their self-titled debut EP.

Esther, who is the daughter of actor Ewan McGregor, became friends with Leo in high school French class. Their music draws from their shared French background – they both speak the language fluently and spent their childhood summers in France.

There are seven tracks on the EP and Esther showcases her bilingual capacities on the song “Nuit Rose” by repeatedly switching between English and French.

You can download the EP right now on iTunes or stream it below via Spotify. Follow them now on Instagram at @esther.mcregor and @leohmajor. The band also has an account that you can find at @frenchthymemusic!

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