Brian Austin Green ‘definitely annoyed’ that ex Meghan Fox is with Machine Gun Kelly

Brian Austin Green does not seem to be taking the dissolution of his marriage to Megan Fox well. After initially claiming peace and unity with his estranged wife, he seems to be acting out a bit. His latest grumbling is about Megan’s IG official paramour, Machine Gun Kelly. Whereas Brian was initially okay with the pair, he seems to have changed his tune.

Brian Austin Green has been letting his discontent with estranged wife Megan Fox be more known.

The former 90210 star recently posted an Instagram slideshow of his sons with the same caption Fox used for a photo of new flame Machine Gun Kelly: “My heart is yours.” As a source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue, his behavior has to do with how he feels about her moving on so quickly — and publicly.

“Brian is annoyed that she is so focused on her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly,” the source says. “He doesn’t understand the need to post social media pictures with silly captions to proclaim her love for him. They aren’t even divorced yet.”

“It definitely annoys Brian. And it stings a bit too that Megan moved on so quickly,” the source continues. “Megan was always very private, so Brian just doesn’t get what changed.”

In a recent podcast appearance, Green opened up about how he’s handling the high-profile relationship.

“You can if you ignore it and avoid it which is what I try and do,” he said of the pictures and reports of Fox and Kelly out and about. “I try to not read anything or look at anything and not involve myself in it. Just keep my head down and do what I do and focus on the kids. I know she’s going to do the same thing.”

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“I try to not read anything or look at anything and not involve myself in it,”. Posting digs implying Megan is ignoring her kids and talking to People about how annoyed you are is the very definition of involving yourself. I get his feelings are hurt and he has a point that Megan did not showcase their relationship like she’s doing with Kelly, which would also sting. But after the rumors about Brian controlling Megan during their relationship it’s hard not to read this wotj skepticism.

Brian has been trying to debut his own rebound relationshipt but none of them are working out. A few weeks back there was a very bizarre story about Brian having lunch with Courtney Stodden. When people made, “ew, gross” faces about him pursuing yet another very young and vulnerable young woman, Brian claimed he didn’t know who she was and that it was all her doing, using him for his fame. At the time of that lunch date, Brian was reportedly in a relationship with Tina Louise (the Australian Maxim model, not Ginger of Gilligan’s Island), which has also since ended. Recently Brian was photographed having lunch with Jane Seymour’s former stepdaughter, Jennifer Flynn. Supposedly, Brian and Jennifer are starting a cyber-crimes company, which, if true, is kind of cool, but this innocuous lunch they had to discuss it resulted in so many photos. That smells of someone tipping off the paps. I don’t know what Brian hopes to gain from all this. If he’s trying to show Megan and Kelly up, he’s falling on his face. He’d be better of sticking to his original plan of not paying attention to any of it.

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